Farm Fresh

Farm Fresh is a collection of cool stuff rotting in a field near Calumet, OK.  In selecting which photos to include, I felt such a human connection to each of the moments I captured.  Before long we to will be rusting in a field.  Whether we are are long in tooth and short on memory, parked in a place trying to hard to be a home, or we find ourselves broken down on the shoulder as life zooms by us, we all face the same fact. Time is fleeting and relentless.  I too often feel like these rusted and gutted shells.  Once so full of dreams and possibilities, now through use and abuse, I can see chasing the horizon is not so important.  Being surrounded by those who you love and love you is the most important.  Stay connected.  Stay humble.  Stay soft. This is not the end, but it is inexplicably tied to what is next. Above all else stay in love with those around you.

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