Website Revamp

Ok, well my website started off well about a year ago.  I was in ArtistINC OKC and I was  pressured to finally get one up and running.  I did just that.  It was simple but clean.  I slapped up two galleries and then I didn’t touch it for a year.  So much has happened art-wise for me in the last year.  I just haven’t had time to keep up the ye olde website.  Finally I am getting around to upgrade/update this thing.  I am trying to roll out new features like a better gallery, a print shop, and this nifty blog.

Speaking of blog, I want to know what people would like me to share. For sure, I plan on using a blog series called Perspectives to give the back story to some of my favorite shots. I thought about maybe sharing some photography and Lightroom tutorials.  What would you like to see?  I will only produce content  that I am passionate about, but I also want to share those things that interest other as well.  Hit me up with questions or thoughts.  I am totally open to suggestions.  Well anyways, have a good one. Until next time.

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