Hey there. This is the part where you find out about me. Below you can find all the formal stuff like my artist bio, artist cv, and other self aggrandizing info. Blarg. If you really want to know who I am click here or better yet, let’s grab a beer or a cup of coffee and actually accomplish something together.  I am always looking for a fun project or collaboration.

download a PDF of my statement, bio, and cv here..

artist statement

I am a creative. This statement resounds throughout my work.  My art is full of light, full of darkness, and emotes palatable texture.  I choose to express my creativity most often through photography.  I gravitate towards scenes that are enveloped in the darkest darks and with light puncturing through the shadows.  My photos are composed to capture visual interest through the use of geometric patterns,structure, and texture.  

My art can be categorized as street photography, but is more like a street fight. More often than not my work is gritty, unexpected, and has an “anything goes” approach, not unlike a sweaty back alley brawl. I shoot based on a gut feeling about the composition of the piece. Often times I do not know what my final result will look like when framing in a scene.  I trust those same instincts to guide me through the digital processing phase.  The result is usually a compelling unique view on a subject that most often not capture your attention otherwise. As an artist I look for the story untold, the untouched canvas in everyday life yet to be captured with a camera.  

artist bio

Josh Vaughn is an photographer, artist and curator living in Norman, OK. His photography is mainly street photography by nature, capturing texture, contrast, and emotion in the environment around him at the time.  His curatorial efforts focus around creating a dialog between artist and the community, primarily by injecting art and artist into an environment to which those are currently foreign.

Despite being an artist from an early age and a creative photographer for over a decade, Josh has only started to formally share his art with the greater public since 2015. He was selected to be a participant in Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition’s (OVAC) ArtistINC (2015).  Two of his works were selected for the Paseo Art Association’s small works exhibition (2016).  The City of Norman chose his design Waving Wheat in 2016 to become one of their public installation art pieces.  Most recently he was selected to join an elite group of artist as mentors in the Symbiotic (2016) collaborative exhibition. In early 2016 Josh also established Hojas Artspace, a experimental art space located in rural Goldsby, OK. He currently is the curator and director of the space, where he hosts, curates, and administrates exhibitions and artist talks.

Professionally he is a designer and photographer.  In recent years his creative work has won a Gold Addy Award (2014) and a Silver Addy Award (2015) among other accolades.  His photography has been published in many different local and regional publications.  Josh’s work resides in public and private collections.


artist cv

selected group exhibitions

12×12, 50 Penn Place, September 2017, Oklahoma City, OK

Paseo PhotoFest 2017, The Paseo Art Space, September 2017, Oklahoma City, OK

Symbiotic, Lightwell Gallery, University of Oklahoma, October 2016, Norman,OK

Small Works Show, The Paseo Art Space, May 2016, Oklahoma City, OK

ArtistINC OKC Pecha Kucha, Oklahoma Contemporary Arts Center, November 2015, Oklahoma City, OK


Waving Wheat, (metal works) installed at Sante Fe and Main Street, April 2016, Norman, OK

The Vine, (wide format photography) installed at True Vine Church, January 2016, Goldsby, OK

curatorial experience

Solo Exhibition, Katelynn Noel Knick, Hojas Artspace, October 2017, Goldsby, OK

Hojas Artist Talk, Larry K. Hill, Hojas Artspace, May 2017, Goldsby, OK

Unfinished, solo exhibition: Larry K. Hill, Hojas Artspace, April – June 2017, Goldsby, OK

Hojas Artist Talk, Bee Doublehue, Hojas Artspace, October 2016, Goldsby, OK

Origins, solo exhibition: Bee Doublehue (Brendon Williams), Hojas Artspace, August – October 2016, Goldsby, OK

Hojas Artist Talk, Marissa Raglin, Hojas Artspace, June 2016, Goldsby, OK

Assembled, solo exhibition: Marissa Raglin, Hojas Artspace, May – July 2016, Goldsby, OK