Perspectives: Monolith



161230-tenexco-creative-1-customShe stands unmoved in the face of time. Unmoved but not untouched. Her stoic expression is not one of apathy procured over a lifetime of bitter resentment, but a calmness that only comes with the deepest of waters. Steadied experience resounds through every laugh line and every scar. She is no easily stirred or bothered, this is not where she has arrived. Time taught her well, only because she became a it’s student. At times it was a harsh mentor grabbing and taking whatever its steely hands could tear away from her. Yet again it would caress her and give to her from it’s wealth. With every silver strand in her crown of beauty is a space and a passage of distance over speed. Each a flicker, a moment. A moment of living and of dying, of loving and of losing, of accepting and of choosing. All of these wrapped up in a word…becoming. Standing still, still standing, she fathoms the depths of her own heart and finds a soul unfathomable.

Perspectives are short creative burst that usually are written memories of when I took the photo. This on the other had is a purely creative piece derived from what I imagine this total stranger to be like based on limited interaction. I met her in the tiny village of Tenexco nestled deep in the foothills of Hidalgo, Mexico. You could tell from her build and her stature that she was an indigenous person. She dressed in her traditional dress which I could only guess to be closely related to if not Nahuatl. Her demeanor was pleasant and calm. She carried with her an aura of calm stillness. I would have like to have gotten to know her better, and hear her stories. Too soon these windows to a time forgotten will be closed forever.

Monolith, December 30,2016
Tenexco, Hidalgo, Mexico
1/320 sec.
iso 2500
Canon 5D MKiii
70-300mm Canon lens