Symbiotic – Exhibition Photos

I was privileged to be a part of Symbiotic 2016.  Along with being a featured artist in this collaborative exhibition, I also got to have a hand in the promotion and documentation process.  Each of the featured artist were joined by art students to produce collaborative pieces that revolved around the theme of community and art.  The culmunation of those collaborative efforts were exhibited in the Lightwell Gallery on the campus of the University of Oklahoma from Oct. 10 – 25.  It was a humbling opportunity to work with such amazing artist established and otherwise.  Thanks to Jarica Walsh and Katie Pendley for making this happening.  The other artist in this exhibition were Autumn Brown, Dan Harris, adam Lanman, Mandy Messina, romy owens, Katie Pendley, Marissa Raglin, and Jarica Walsh.



artist: Mandy Messina
collaborating student: Bella Blaze

Where are you going, where have you been?

artist: romy owens
collaborating students:Rachel Boyd, Stephanie Ma, Angie Maidt, Noelle Moon,and Jordan Satepauhoodle

Community Kiln

artist: Dan Harris
collaborating students: Olivia Egan and Amy Sanders

The Cooperation Table

artist: adam Lanman
collaborating students: Rebecca Curtis,Reva Kashikar,and Sterling Smith

Sacred Vessels

artist: Autumn Brown
collaborating student: Jasmine Jones

Hive Mentality

artists: Jarica Walsh & Katie Pendley


artist: Marissa Raglin
collaborating student: Alyssa Howery


artist: Josh Vaughn
collaborating student: Sidney Bernbaum