Symbiotic 2016 – Convergence

In June of 2016 I was approached to be part of a greater collaborative show called Symbiotic.  Jarica Walsh  and Katie Pendley were the curators of this unique exhibition which was held at the Lightwell Gallery in the School of Visual Arts on the campus of the University of Oklahoma.  The show opened Oct. 10, 2016 and ran three weeks.  My work exhibited along side Autumn Brown, Dan Harris, adam Lanman, Mandy Messina, romy owens, Katie Pendley, Marissa Raglin and Jarica Walsh.  The theme of the show was to show the connection between community and the arts.  The artists were matched with art students to create a collaborative effort. I was paired with budding photographer Sidney Bernbaum of the University of Oklahoma.

Together, Sidney and I focused our efforts on capturing the community as it happened in the other groups as they were creating their own collaborations.  This meant for the next several months we accompanied the groups through different stages of the creative process and photographed them interacting.

Our efforts manifested themselves in two projects.  Together they were titled Convergence (parts 1 & 2).  Below are our artists’ statements for each piece.


Pt. 1 Linear Convergence

Community is a collaboration. To achieve a common goal a healthy community moves in synchronous motion. The body moves as a union of independent parts. Both community and collaboration are a convergence of individuals, though unique in themselves, find union in furthering a common goal. For this exhibition, we purposefully placed ourselves in a position of relying on others to produce our end result. We moved as they moved, adapted and changed as they did. As we documented the community that happens through collaboration, we witnessed and recorded many times over the units functioning as a whole. Coming from many different backgrounds and world views, the participants of Symbiotic converged upon a common ground to create something together that was greater than the sum of its parts.

Consisted of 50 high contrast black and white 8×10 prints on metallic paper that was mounted to black foamcore.

Pt. 2 Concentric Convergence

The concentric rings of the cedar round communicate connection and relationship. Each grouping of rings share the same center. From the core of the round sprouts a copper tree whose strength and stability comes from the convergence of individual strands into a unified trunk. Upwards it reaches, culminating into fruit bearing branches. Artists in collaboration form micro communities, binding together around a central core. Each giving the other strength to elevate to a place where together they create, reaping the harvest of their efforts.

Construction consisted of a copper wire tree that was hand built and embedded into a cedar round.  The tree housed 80+ hand cut images that we captured ourselves.  Images were printed on glossy standard photo paper.  They were reinforced with wood strips and mounted to the tree using silver hand embedded eyelets.