Negative Space is Now.

After weeks of writing, editing, designing, shooting, more editing, and telling myself a hundred times over, not to do it, I went ahead and did it anyways. I pushed the button and Negative Space has been let loose into the wild. Negative Space is labor of love created by artists, for artists. This digital magazine looks to inspire great art by fostering healthy artists. Simply put, we are about three things: Art, Love, and People. All we ask, is that if you find any value in our for now quarterly magazine, that you pass it along to someone else who might find joy in it as well.

This magazine started off as a whim several months ago. That whim turned into an idea and quickly morphed into a project. Negative Space really took on a life of its own when other people began to get involved. As more hands took to the plow, the rows straightened and the vision became clearer. I am thankful for all those who have made this project their own by putting a bit of themselves into it. Not only is it better because of you, it only exists because of you.

Negative Space is now. Enjoy. We made it for you.

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NSMAG 1703 March cover
March 2017